About us

Our company is a leading refrigerator part manufacturer in Hungary.
The company was established in 1990 in Esztergom and is specialized to the needs of reigerator and airconditioning industry. The corporation is a Hungarian-German company which initially produced filtering cartridges and connection pipes. The German AEG factory was one of our first clients, to which we have been delivering filtering cartridges. The Jászberény based Lehel Refigerator Company has been our main customer since 1992. Through high quality and other innovations we managed to maintain the connection with Lehel, even after it was merged into Electrolux. In the meantime our company became the most important manufacturer and supplier in Hungary.

After a significant expansion we began to produce time switches under the name DECO. In the beginning only Switzerland was our main market but later on we became an important supplier both in Germany and Italy.

Due to the needs of the market the company was relocated to Tokod industrial park, which was just established that time.

Kühl Ltd.

Kühl Ltd.

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According to the certificate of the MEEI Ltd. (Hungarian Institute of Electronic Inspection) we have been entitled to use the CE sign for our time switches since 1998.

Since 2001 our company has been authorised to hold the ISO 9001:2000 qualification, which is annually reviewed by Det Norske Veritas Hungay Ltd.