Environmental policy


The objective of Kühl Ltd is not only to satisfy the needs of refrigerator producers with its products but to minimize the impact on the environment. As a result, we are responsible for taking part in the general development, continuous perfection of our technology, regarding environmental protection.


In order to prevent irreversible environmental damage, carefulness is key factor within the group during all development and production works. We have to be careful during all activities which could affect the environment any way.

Comprehensive approach

Our operation and development have to be led according to a comprehensive approach, it means that we have to have comprehensive knowledge of the whole life cycle of our products, including the raw material, the production, the usage and the recycling as well.

We only find acceptable only those solutions, which minimize the environmental repercussions, taking optimal raw material and energy consumption into account.


Kühl Ltd. takes active responsibility for minimazing environmental impact from the development to the shipment of our products. We hold that by constant developement, learning new technologies and gaining new experience, we are able to meet the environmental requirements of the future.


Minimizing the environmental impact is the key factor beside effectiveness and productivity.Our development also includes the gradual reduction of the wastes of our operation. The priorities of our environmental investments are set by ecological aspects.

The active environmental commitment is required from all our employees, which enables us to remain competitive and establishes a long-term market position.